NomiButterfly1As one holds to that divine, inner vision, (your divine calling) no matter how seemingly impossible it may appear and believes” in it, “doubting nothing”, it must be fulfilled for it becomes possible through man’s belief.

As one develops to the point where he believes he has the power to send out that blue Christ ray in extending, increasing magnitude. When that ray is united with praise and gratitude, the gold and ruby-red rays, as they are re­leased in LOVE, the three Christ rays unite and reach in­stantly to the very throne of God. These three rays con­tain within their vibratory essence the unspeakable Name of Jesus Christ, the great Name of All-power. This Name of infinite glory is Unspeakable simply because it cannot be spoken. It is a vibration! It is the essence and the reality of God’s divine power! It is glory unutterable!

Within the blue Christ ray of belief the soul’s sincere desire is held revealed and open, completely exposed to the divine, fulfilling powers of God. And along that blue ray, as it is beamed out, the inflowing rays of God’s Almighty accomplishment is completed as His Will is ful­filled in bringing forth that inner destiny into its outside fulfillment. It is in this way that God’s will is done on earth even as it is in heaven. His Will was established in the great hidden destiny enfolded within each man’s soul. His Will is fulfilled when man opens his soul to compre­hend and through belief cooperates in fulfilling his own glorified perfection.

The blue ray is the opened channel of belief through which God’s holy powers of completion flow back, en­folding the individual destiny and establishing it in glory and honor forever.

This is the law on which faith works. This is how faith becomes knowing and knowing becomes power! This is the Way in which His divine, holy Will is fulfilled and the Way in which the individual glorifies his own destiny. It is most definitely true that “According to your belief be it unto you”!

Doubting is of the darkness and is the most destructive weapon of the devil. As long as doubting is permitted to rule God’s works cannot possibly be done, nor His promises fulfilled. Doubting destroys all things, annihilates all good and makes all things impossible.

As the Light of Christ is contacted and developed that divine blue ray is released and sent directly to the glorified throne of God to make its claim upon Him. And He is bound and must obey its call, for it was God Himself who established the covenant. As that divine Christ ray is intensified it carries man’s desire to the very heart of God and it is through this infinite power that one’s righteous desires, his holy ambitions and divine hopes are fulfilled as the power of God goes into action to complete the request, which He Himself established.

The law, or command to “Ask” also has its part in this great, breathtaking accomplishment. As one asks his own holy calling becomes clarified to him and is therefore more rapidly fulfilled. This is the law upon which faith works. And this law is every man’s to use, henceforth and forever.

Again, it must be understood that in using this higher law it must not be used upon unworthy personal, mediocre, little, selfish requests. In doing so one is asking amiss and can be injured by the fulfilling of his own human lusts and wants.

This divine law of fulfillment is irrevocable when used to accomplish the Will of God, which is the fulfilling of each individual’s own personal glory and perfection. This is the law of God’s eternal covenant with man. It contains the fulfilling of His covenant, both by man and by God. It cannot err. This is the path of glory and of perfection.

To reveal more completely the magnificent glory of God’s infinite Good it will be necessary to go one step farther.

That individual pattern, or ordained destiny, locked within that divine Light of Christ is the WORD of God. It is His holy WORD implanted as a promise within each soul. When the quickening, renewing, redeeming Light of Christ is contacted that WORD is given the power of life and will reveal itself as it becomes apparent to the inner consciousness of the individual. When that inner WORD of God is brought forth to its divine fulfillment It is made flesh and the flesh is exalted to the status of the Spirit. This is the law of translation. God’s Will is then brought forth onto the physical plane, even as it is established in heaven, the Kingdom within.

That individual pattern or WORD, the holy plan of God for the individual, was sealed or established within the very center of that Christ Light by the Holy Spirit of Promise. This Holy Spirit of Promise is the covenant God made with man before his life on earth ever began.

When the Christ Light is contacted and released through love and becomes established in holiness as one develops the power to believe and sends that belief forth on the divine Christ ray of blue, that inner promise must be fulfilled.

This inner calling, or WORD of Promise, is the Voice of Christ calling to be heard. When one begins to hear that Voice, or inner WORD, which God spoke into his soul in the beginning, he will open that door to the great Christ Light within. Then it is that the full glory of Christ’s Light will be brought forth and will be sent out in its glorified spectrum of perfected virtues and attributes to the very throne of God. Then it is that all things become possible—and all things will be fulfilled in that individual.

Man automatically becomes humble before such powers and such grandeur. He becomes so humble the little mortal “self” is lost and dissolved in the great vibrations of praise and gratitude released in LOVE as he learns to relinquish his own little personal will to the divine Will of God. It Is in the Will of God that all perfection is held. As the three divine Christ rays, which contain all the other hues and vibrational colors, are released, the Will of God, which is enfolded in that inner WORD, begins to be fulfilled as It is quickened into life and growth—and fulfillment.

This holy WORD, or inner promise, locked in each man’s soul, this inner pattern or divine calling, is the “New and Everlasting Covenant”. This covenant is completely established and must be fulfilled when one no longer rejects that Light of Christ that has been given to abide in him, and believes in It. As It is accepted in loving praise and gratitude It is released to begin Its process of fulfilling glory. When that Light is accepted the three Christ rays are released, and as they are strengthened and beamed out in power, the virtues of all the living rays of the rainbow reach the throne of God. The sending out of these rays is man’s part of the New and Everlasting Covenant.

When those rays reach the throne of God, He must of necessity fulfill His part of that Covenant. He must bring forth that inner WORD by the very glory of His power. God is actually bound by that covenant and when man fulfills his part of it and overcomes his evils by accepting the holy Christ Light as he rays It back to God in Its spectrumed vibrations of increasing virtues, God must fulfill His part of that covenant. God must accept those rays and return the power of His approbation to complete the fulfilling and perfection of that individual’s destiny. This is the law and it is irrevocable. It cannot err, nor can it fail.

When any individual’s destiny is accomplished and fulfilled it will be for the eternal glory of God and will also be for the benefit of all concerned.

No man who fulfills this holy law by first accepting that divine Christ Light, given to abide within him, then raying it out, can possibly remain under condemnation. He is not only redeemed, but is exalted and glorified.

The rainbow has always held the symbol of this eternal, everlasting covenant. The rainbow in the sky is just a reminder of that eternal symbol and inner covenant. It is only the dim reproduction, or semblance of that which man must establish through his own glorified vibrations of increasing virtues as the Light of Christ is accepted. The first of the Christ rays is belief. Only through the power to believe can the other rays be established. Without belief nothing can be accomplished.

It can be stated here that the saying, “At the foot of the rainbow is the pot of gold” is definitely true. At the foot of those rays as they are released within man is the great Christ Light, the realm of Spirit, the purified gold which has been tried in the fire.

Those who believe in and accept that divine “Light of Christ, which has been given to abide in every man who cometh into the world,” will be led to fulfill their part of that holy Covenant and cannot possibly remain under condemnation, or in darkness. Their mediocrity drops away as they become filled with Light and are made glorious.

Because this Way has been an inner Way the churches and groups of the past have not traveled it. They have traveled instead the outside road of orthodox conformity and of set rituals as “They have honored God with their lips, while their hearts have been far from Him”.

The Light of Christ must be comprehended and brought forth from within man in order to prepare for the glorious, triumphant coming of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, even Jesus Christ Himself, to rule and reign in glory and honor upon this earth. But before this greatest of all events can happen there must be those who are prepared to receive Him, those who have brought forth His Light within themselves. These are the ones who “Will be like Him when He appears, for they will be purified, even as He is pure!” Within them will the WORD of God have been made flesh as they stand forth redeemed and sanctified. “These will be filled with His holy Light and will comprehend all things.”

This inner Way is the Way of the Christ Light that Jesus traveled. It is a straight and narrow Way in that it does not lead out into many diversified courses of mortal inclinations. It is the Way of unspeakable power, glory and infinite, individual achievement. It is the Way of boundless joy and of overcoming. It is the Way of purification, of redemption and of exalting glory. It is the Way that perfects all things and fulfills all things as it leads one to the Father—even to His Fullness.

The Christ Way is the road of exaltation. In this Path one is not even burdened or concerned by the ugly, defiled traits and desires for they are automatically overcome as one learns to hold himself within Christ’s redeeming Light. In this Way, which is His, can one be purified, cleansed, re­deemed and completely glorified.

The Christ Way is the Path of honor and praise and unutterable beauty. It is the Way of power and loving re­demption, though so few have ever found it. It is the way that leads to the great Christ Door of Eternal Life, where death and its accompanying sorrows, suffering, woes and ugliness is unknown. It is the road of triumphant over­coming. And there is no individual upon this earth who cannot travel it, if he so desires. “The Light of Christ is given to abide in every man who cometh into the world.” And this Christ Light IS the Way.

The Christ Light is also the great corner stone of His power. It is the stone on which man, who is the temple of God, was established. It is also the stone that was re­jected by the builders as man built his physical body. Never­theless it is the corner stone of divine power and eternal, Celestial, magnificent grandeur and power. And he who builds upon this rock, of His Light, cannot fail—or fall. The Light of Christ is the white stone, which is established in power by him who accepts It, leaving his mortal inclina­tions behind which yearn for the broad, open way of the multitudes—the road that leads to destruction. And in that stone, or Light, a new Name is written and none can know that Name saving he who is worthy to receive It for It can be given to none except those who travel His holy Way of Light as they are directed by His leading.

This holy, Christ Way is a Way of such unutterable glory, such divine, infinite joy, such unspeakable power there are no words in any language to express it. “It is the Way Christ marked—the Way He traveled.” It is the Way that releases the power of God so that I can do the works, and fulfill Its holy promises to all those who believe.

You hesitate and say that Christ’s path led to the cruci­fixion?

Yes. That is true. But the crucifixion became a privileged experience of triumph and eternal blessing, not only to Christ, but to the whole world and to every individual upon it. The Way of Christ holds the power to turn every adversity into glory, every defeat into victory, every mis­fortune into power. It is the road of love, so perfect that only the Will of the Father is brought forth in Its tri­umphant glory as the little individual, mortal “self” is crucified and the great inner soul of man is released from its tomb, to rule and reign in glory forever.

This divine Way of Christ is the Way that fulfills all things, glorifies and exalts all things. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice and open that door, I will come in and feast with him, and he with me.” And that individual will never hunger or thirst again. He will have eternal access to the hidden manna, the divine, spiritual “Bread of Life”. And Christ’s Light that is given to abide right within man IS that bread.

To my beloved ones, “the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take of the waters of life freely” without price and without charge.


(Reference: Secrets of Eternity, by Annalee Skarin)





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