Why Are We Here At This Time And This Place, And What Is Our Purpose?

  • We are here on this Earth to graduate from the school named Earth, and to make a contribution to this planet Earth. Our Graduation, as you may know is our Translation.
  • We are here at this time because God sent us and the Earth is going into or is already in the end times.
  • We are here in this place because God put us here.
  • Our purpose is to perfect the virtue of Love. We are called to this purpose whether we live together or live alone. We were commanded by God to do so: “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. … Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:30-31 KJV)

So, if God sent us here to do a work for Him and for our translation, it would seem that we should be able to do all that we were supposed to do with ease and alacrity, right? Well that has not been the case. We have all experienced some very difficult times in our lives, especially when we were growing up. All kinds of problems, from abuse, poverty, racism, etc.

So What? Did we expect life would be a bowl of cherries? It Isn’t. We need to learn our lessons, just like at any other school. And from these lessons we gain great strength and wisdom.

Just think of some of the people in the Bible that had difficult times and rose above them to do a great work for God.

  • So What if Joseph was accused of a crime he did not commit and was cast into prison for seven years. He did his best at all times and honored God in all that he did. And God raised him up!
  • So What if Job suffered 12 years with a serious illness? He persevered until the end and God blessed him.
  • What about all the prophets of God? Most of them were imprisoned or killed. However, they remained true to God’s purpose and word.
  • And, what about all the martyrs who have died for God and our Lord Jesus Christ? They died for their faith in God and Jesus Christ and God will bless them abundantly!

So What if I have to wear hearing aids and have back pain, neck pain , and headaches? That should not stop me from doing God’s assigned work, with His help.

So What if I was poor and lived in a neighborhood that had no running water and an outdoor toilet as a child and young adult? I was loved by my mother and I always strived to do the very best that I could. God blessed me and I was very successful!

So What if your childhood was scarred by parental abuse! Rise above it. God does not give us more than we can bear and when you think He does, rise above it, and you will be stronger for it and God will bless you and can use you for His great work.

How Do We Accomplish This Purpose?

  • By becoming Love! We must live Love! We need to think, feel, and speak in love.
  • By having great and mighty faith
  • By believing and realizing that God is directing our lives
  • By using for good all the skills and talents that God has given us.

How Do We Make This Work In Our Daily Lives?

So What if it seem difficult and hard? Remember God said, “I GAVE MEN WEAKNESSES THAT THEY MIGHT BECOME STRONG in the glory of OVERCOMING (Book of Books page 78). The very overcoming of any weakness contains the elements of which strength is generated and perfected.

Give everything our very best. Live the law of the Angels; do the best that you can in all things at all times! Seek the help of the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction. Find a better way to do things. For example if you have a task that is taking you three hours, figure a way to do it in one or two hours. In so doing you build your self confidence and have time to accomplish other things.

Be not concerned about what other people are and will be thinking about you. Be not concerned about what other people are doing. Be an example for God by what you say and do, quietly and without fanfare. This could have great impact on the lives of other people, even when you do not know it

This world is fast coming to an end! We need to be the love, send out the love and to go on to our Translation (graduation). This will make a difference that this world needs. Let God do His mighty work in us and through us.

So What if many people will come up against us, especially through The Christ Light Institute, continue walking in the Light. It will overcome the darkness and be victorious!

Put God first in everything that you do!

So What are you waiting for, get to IT!!!!!


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