“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul,
and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment.”
(Matthew 22:37-38 KJV)

Have you ever opened your heart up to the love of God, letting it be played like a symphony upon the heart-strings of your soul? That love can reach out into the darkest corners of the earth and heal the anguished cries of those who are in despair and suffering.

Have you let the Light arise in your consciousness and opened your soul to the Light of Christ, which lives in every man born into this earth? Its glory of healing divine compassion, its unspeakable tenderness, its complete restoration and its glory of awakening can shine forth in every cell and fiber of your soul.

This is the call of the New Day: Divine Love and the Light of Christ. Let wisdom reach its measure of un­folding as you hear this call and seek refuge beneath its outspread wings, responding to that eternal invitation of infinite, penetrating warmth.

Love must first flow through our own hearts before it can return to us, because love can only enfold us as it begins to flow through us. We are the fountains, or the vehicles through which it must flow, and maybe our fountains have run dry because of our negatives which have blocked up the way to the free out-flowing of divine love.

This great love is ever seeking an outlet through which to flow in its rich, pure, singing abundance. It must pour forth through the unsealed, open hearts of men. Then, it can go out to help heal and bless this world.

Hardened, sealed hearts are barren and unproductive in God’s vineyard. They are fountains run dry. It is said that the first of the seven seals, the seals upon the book mentioned in the Bible (Revelation 5:1-7), which none could remove save Christ, are the seals within ourselves.

The first seal is the one upon our hearts, placed there by the traditions of the fathers, by our own stubbornness and our lack of tender, melting love. This seal must be broken, or opened; melted and removed. And it is only by the power and Light of the Christ within that this can be done.

This is the key: “Love God with all your hearts.” (Deuteronomy 6:5) And as we love with our hearts, know that it does not mean just the physical heart-organ, but the whole heart center of our entire beings. It is that living heart center that is the source of out flowing life. That is why all healing comes first from within.

Every physical wound, bruise, cut and injury must heal from within first if the healing is to be perfect and endure. And it is the same for our hates, evils and despairs. They must first come in contact with that source of living light within, in order to be changed. Only by this method can the great healing come. Because in the very heart center of every person born into this earth is contained that Light of Christ. When we open our hearts and let it pour forth in love, it will heal and bless and glorify.

We must love God completely, with all our innermost power, then we will touch upon the very fibres of our own souls and contact the center of our innermost beings. Then, through the Light of Christ within us, the seals can be removed to prepare the way of Light, even the Light of Christ, that it might come forth. This is our key.

As the seal upon our hearts is broken and that divine center is softened and opened, the outpouring love of God begins to enter the mind and will remove its seal of blindness.

Glory and praise be unto the Father forever and forever! For as the mind is opened, another seal is loosed and that great blindness of mind which has nearly destroyed a world will begin to be removed from us, and we will be given faith and vision to behold the things of God and understand His holy promises.

Do you not see that we are the ones who receive the reward and the glory of loving God with all our hearts? Do you not see that as our hearts are opened wide to pour out love to God it is like a siphon that draws upon the great store of eternal love and sets it in motion to help restore ourselves, our broken lives, and flowing out from us goes forth to help heal a world? For so it is that the great outpouring glory of God’s love flows through our hearts, our souls, our minds, and sweeping the earth it flows on back to God, who is it’s source. As it returns to us, it is increased and glorified.

This love is pure and undefiled and will give life to us. It will redeem and cleanse the barren, arid spots within our own beings. It will first redeem our own souls, then go on out to bless all those with whom we associate. Then swinging on out, it will help redeem the world and continue on its everlasting pattern to enfold the uni­verse and thus return to the very throne of God.

Thus, it will flow back to us increased a thousand fold and carrying with it all the blessings and powers of God the Father, for within it is the fulfillment of every promise and every desire and all perfection and glory.

(This information and much, much more can be found in the precious book To God The Glory, by Annalee Skarin.)



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