“Parental love has often been a one-sided offering, not a beautiful partnership. And the children have been cheated for they have not learned the joy and the power of returning or giving the divine gift of love. They have not learned to open their own precious hearts to the great outpouring power of life itself, nor comprehended the everlasting glory and joy of it.


“When your children are brought up in this love, there will be no more distraught, problem children, for the great healing can come. The healing will come first to those who send out the love, then to those who receive it. Then it can go out to help heal the nations for love is the fruit that will heal the bleeding, suffering world. With you my dearly beloved, this great healing must begin to be shed forth. Get the fountain of your own heart opened and the seal removed, and all else will be added unto you.


“Yes, it is more blessed to give than to receive, for as you give, the blessing is your own. The more you give the more you have and greater will be your power of bestowing. (To God The Glory, by Annalee Skarin)

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