John 10:34-36

the child does not wish to always linger
near the parent’s loving watchful eye
neither do we humans wish to wander
only on the paths the heavens devise
yet can we say the child is more wise

the child does not learn to say, I thank you
because the parent needs to hear it said
nor do humans look to God with gratitude
to serve a dire need inside His head
even God gave thanks when He was fed

the child wants to go on great adventures
to walk, to run, even though they fall
neither from our growth will God restrain us
but guide us through the pains that find us all
what child should be trapped behind a wall

for child must become one day like parent
strong and capable, as full of grace
so man must also grow to be like Father
it is the destination of our race
and could we be like gods, what lower place
would the child choose to always stay

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