Today is the day. This is the hour. Now is the moment. This second is the appointed time. We must not wait.

God has called each of His children for a purpose. To many of us, we may know inwardly what that calling is. We may not have all the details but we know there is something – some reason for us being here at this time. Or maybe we’re waiting. Waiting for the right moment, the right day, the right “when” that is when everything falls into place.

Maybe we’re waiting for a neon sign in the sky above us or the bush next door to glow with flames (complete with a deep voice booming from it).

Or maybe we’re waiting for a still small voice to whisper in our hearts…so that we know with absolute certainty that we won’t fail, that it will work, that we’ll do it right the first time.

But, my dear friend, brother, sister – fellow traveler, do you hear it? The whisper in our hearts, the Voice calling in the silence, the stillness to us? Saying, “Now. Now is the time. Now is the time to come to Me. I will keep you and be with you. Come to My Light, My arms outstretched.”

“Come, follow Me.”

Maybe the noise is too loud right now. Maybe you’ve hesitated – surely God wants you to be perfect before He can use you. Surely, you have to get some things right before you can do what you only hope, wish, long for that He is calling you to do. Maybe it’s the ache that finds you when the storms of life, the duties or the day, or the pressures around you pause for just a moment.

And then you hear it, feel it. The yearning for something more. The knowing there IS something more. The part of you that yearns for the dream, the yearning to be fulfilled.

Beloved, we often rely on what our eyes can see, what our hands can feel, what our minds can figure out. But what if we would dare to look beyond what our eyes can see, beyond what we can hear with these ears, and in the stillness, listen. Listen to that call inside. That is His voice calling to us. Only so many times we cover it up. Listen.

Dare to believe that He can use you. That He can heal you. That He can help you – now. Not later, but NOW.

Right now His hand is outstretched to you. Right now, He is calling you. Right now is the time to


As a hen gathers her chicks before a storm, He is calling us. As a loving Father reaches out His hand to bring His child to safety, He is waiting with it outstretched.


Take His hand. Know that it is a sure hand that will keep you, that will guide you. Do not be afraid of the journey ahead of you; He’s already been there. He is calling you now to the shelter of His wings, to the power of trusting Him, and the amazing journey of following His calling.

Serve. Serve where He has called you to serve. Love. Love especially when it seems the hardest. Love with all your heart – now. Follow. Follow Him even when you are uncertain of your footing and can’t see the path forward; He will guide you if you trust Him. He will never leave you. Listen. Listen now for His voice and His guiding. Obey. Obey and DO what He has called you to do – NOW.

Now is the time that we have. The world is fast-changing and we live in uncertain times. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but we must not delay. We must follow His calling.



— B. Payne

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