This is an excerpt from a longer article on Abundance from The Pathway of Truth and Light. It helps put into perspective who we are in this world, who our Father is, and why what is happening on this earth should matter to us very much.


We are the rightful “owners” of this planet, which is under the rulership of our elder brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. This earth belongs to God, and we are His children. Therefore, this earth is our Family’s property, a Family home, so to speak. A Family holding that our Father has created with His own hands (from scratch) and given to certain members of our family as a home to live and grow in.

Now, while Father was away one day, a jealous enemy, his name is Satan, came in and took part of our family, our brothers and sisters, captive through lies and deceit. This enemy knows that he cannot even begin to challenge Father or any of the adult members of our family, or even the children if they only realized it. So, he is taking advantage of the fact that His children are not awake yet or fully aware of the fact that they are Father’s children and have every power available to stop the carnage the enemy is wreaking upon them.

That, this enemy has hypnotized, brainwashed and caused our brothers and sisters to have amnesia so they cannot remember clearly who they are. So, they have joined the enemy in destroying themselves and their brothers and sisters and the Family home and property.

Now, if it seems that the term “family” and “brothers” and “sisters” is being used a lot here, you are absolutely right!! WE MUST TAKE THIS SERIOUS ASSAULT ON OUR FAMILY PERSONALLY!! What would you do if this was going on with your earthly family? If while you and your father were away, an enemy lied to and deceived one of the children to gain access to your home, then, came into your home and attacked, killed and abused your brothers and sisters so horribly that those that remained couldn’t even remember who they were or defend themselves? Would you just say, “Well, that was their decision, too bad, I have to get on with my life?” I DON’T THINK SO!!!

We must move out of separation from God. He is our Father! Yes, we have bodies that have earthly fathers, but first and foremost we are spirits. Without our spirits our bodies die, they cease to exist! Therefore, that which is the living moving factor of our existence is our spirit that God has “breathed” into our bodies. We must awaken and truly realize this. Of course, this is part of our identity crisis. We must get over the identity crisis. We must wake up and realize who we truly are! Then, shake off the hypnotic sleep that blinds us to reality.

— excerpt from The Pathway of Truth and Light





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