Sons of God bookThis beautiful little book demands that we open our eyes to the real meaning of living the teachings of Jesus. “In every thing give thanks”, “Pray without ceasing”, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind”, and “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

Nevertheless, I find it a gentle introduction to the topic of taking some of the more impossible sounding commandments seriously. It opens with the story of the author’s own journey to understanding true gratitude and using it in her life, in all things, as Scripture tells us.

If you are willing to put all preconceptions on the shelf before coming to read this book, there is so much to learn from it, and the truth of it resonates throughout its pages. If we too are willing to love, to give thanks, to listen, and to obey, we will find our worlds changed and our hearts more full of peace despite everything happening in the world around us today. I highly recommend this book to any willing to open up their hearts and minds to a deeper understanding of how to walk with God.

— Megan Payne


From the Cover:

The Path Glorious

I shall take all thorns on which I tread
And weave a crown of glory for my head.

The way of deepest darkness! Ah black night!
I shall dispel thy gloom — disperse it by my light.

The heartbreaks, the tragedies, the sorrows and the tears
Shall be the shining glory of the coming years.

The troubles and despairs I meet along the road
Shall be the leverage to lift the load
Of utter desolation which I am called to bear.

And so I glorify all troubles by a prayer
Of deepest gratitude, exalted by my praise —
And thus God walks with me in all my ways.

And only power enfolds me as I move along
With winged feet in rhythm with the Angels’ song.

All darkness has been conquered! Gone is the night!
I walk in glory and am clothed in light!




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