This book is a must-read book! It delves into great detail about the so called Rapture where Jesus come in the middle of the night, gathers the elect and returns to heaven without anyone knowing anything about it.

Although it is a popular idea, the Bible says otherwise.
— Vance Payne



From the Cover:

Have you heard of Left Behind? It’s a best-seller novel, a blockbuster series and a multi-million dollar movie about the Book of Revelation, the sudden return of Jesus Christ, the instant disappearance of millions of Christians, and the rise of an evil antichrist who takes over the world.

While Left Behind is fiction, its super charged power lies in the belief that it is based on solid biblical facts.

But is it really? Is it possible, in the midst of Left Behind’s focus on missing people, that serious Bible truths are also missing? Even worse, could a unimaginable cloud of deception be setting upon the Christian world? If so, you owe it to yourself to find out, before it is too late.

When it comes to understanding God’s truth, we cannot afford to be left behind.

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